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As mentioned previously, the RCO Paul Newman with a black dial is considered the rarest Daytona. It is always seen in low-production-number screw-pusher chronographs and was available only on demand, which is why the prevailing belief is there is just over a dozen ever created. If you are new to vintage watches but have the money, should you immediately set your eyes on this rarest Paul Newman Daytona?

Wait a minute. What rare-watch dealers, and auction houses don't want to tell you is how easy it would be in theory to create a Paul Newman Daytona with a three-color RCO dial.

How would you approach this?

Signed iwc replica watches Cosmograph, Oyster or Daytona. Ref. 6263/6239, Paul Newman model,iwc replica watches case no. This lot, 2'197'870 manufactured in 1969 was the 23rd of Christie's Lesson One auctions in 2013.

Step One

Refers. 6262 or 6264 are required to purchase a Paul Newman black pump-pusher Daytona in three colors. You can choose either 6262 or 6264. You can find one under USD150,000 if you shop around.

Step Two

Find yourself a screw-pusher with an early serial number ref. You can expect to pay USD50,000-USD60,000 for a 6263 with serial numbers of 2,08 or 2,09 million. These watches are available for sale in large numbers.

Step Three

This is where it gets really criminal... You remove the Paul Newman dial from the pump-pusher and the word "Oyster", under the word Cosmograph, is printed on the dial.panerai replica watches Then you fit the dial in your screw-pusher and suddenly you have a watch worth potentially more than one million dollars. In addition to being a criminal now, you will also be a huge douchebag.